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Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Our story | Benefits | How to Use

Jojoba oil. What is it and why do I love it so much that I named my business after it?

A few years back, in the midst of my day-spa career, I was introduced to a magical, golden elixir called jojoba oil and its many benefits and uses for the skin and body. In only a few weeks of testing it out on my own skin, the results were transformative. I used to look tired and had deeper wrinkles around my eyes and on my forehead than my age called for. Adding jojoba oil to my daily routine changed all that for me. My deep wrinkles have all but faded, fine lines are nearly invisible, my rosacea is calmer, and my friends now comment on my glowing, youthful complexion.

Immediately after my transformation, every one of my clients left my treatment room with the recommendation to go out and buy a bottle of unrefined, organic jojoba oil and add it to their routine as soon as possible. The ones who listened were rewarded with a younger, plumper, healthier complexion. Even my acne-prone clients found that adding jojoba either diminished their acne altogether or got it to a place where it could be more easily conquered. Lives were being changed and it became clear to me that I wanted to break away from the more traditional skincare methods and focus on clean beauty with a less-is-more approach. I eventually stepped back from working in a setting where I was using and selling products that I didn’t always vibe with, and decided to start Wild Hazel, which happens to be another name for the jojoba plant.

The Benefits

Jojoba oil comes from a woody evergreen shrub, native to North and Central American deserts, and bears these adorable little fruit pods that contain seeds where golden waxy oil is cold-pressed from. These seeds and oil have a long history of use in folklore for internal and external medicine, skin and body care, and even use in food and beverages. In modern days it is widely used by the pharmaceutical and beauty industries in topical applications. Here are the reasons why it’s so highly touted.