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Heather Jannsen

Book a one-on-one, virtual skin care consultation with the founder of Wild Hazel and master esthetician, Heather Jannsen. She will give you  personalized and detailed insight into your skin’s health, your routine, and get to the root of the challenges you may be faced with long-term results. She believes in a less-is-more philosophy and uses natural ingredients and solutions to promote overall wellness to help you restore balance to your skin.


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A little about me:
I live in Seattle, WA and love being surrounded by nature. The most rewarding part of being a master esthetician is engaging with people on their skin care and working together to find real and lasting results. I'm a geek for skin care science, natural ingredients, herbs, nutrition, and clean eating. When I'm not working on Wild Hazel you'll find me in a movie theater or on a hiking trail.

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How It Works
The button below will take you to a detailed form with questions about your skin care routine, wellness, and lifestyle. After filling out the form to the best of your knowledge (the more thorough you are, the more I'll be able to give feedback and recommendations on), you'll be able to schedule a 45 minute session with me.

When we meet, we'll go over every question on the form and I'll give you my feedback and recommendations. If there's additional time we can talk about any other questions that come up along the way. At the end of the session, I'll email you a detailed summary of everything we covered. 

Scheduling a Follow-Up
One 20 minute follow-up session is included with your consultation and you can schedule that here at any time after our initial meeting. All additional follow-up sessions are $45 and can be scheduled any time you want to check in and talk about how things are going and get additional insight and recommendations.