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Face Complexion


Wishing you had confidence in your skin?
Curious to know if your routine is on the right track?
Our personalized consultation is just what you need.

Book a one-on-one consultation with owner and founder of Wild Hazel, Heather Jannsen. She is a Master Esthetician who specializes in a whole-body approach to skincare and her methods are transformative. She will provide you with personalized and detailed insight into the health of your skin,  walk you through a complete assessment of your skincare routine and products, and a take deep dive into finding the root cause of any skincare challenges you may be facing. She will also recommend products, ingredients, and solutions to promote over-all wellness to help your skin regain balance. 


For $50 You'll receive a fully detailed assessment and strategy tailored to your challenges and goals emailed to you from Heather with one follow-up email so you can ask any questions you have. You will also receive recommendations for your routine and personal care products from various brands to get you on the right track as soon as possible. 

Add on for $50 
Get open email communication with Heather for 90 days to talk about your progress and ask questions

Add on for $50
Add a 45-minute virtual session so you can talk in real-time about your goals, recommendations, a little skin science, and anything else you want to talk about regarding your skincare routine. 


Starting the journey towards healthy skin is all up to you. If you want to make real, lasting changes and start feeling  confident in your skin and your ability to make educated decisions about your routine, check out the consultation form. We'll gather details about your skincare routine, personal wellness, and lifestyle. You can fill it out and submit it at any time to start the consultation process. Your form will go straight to Heather's inbox and she'll email you with instructions on how to proceed.

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